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    How quickly can you provide service?

    We can provide service within 48 hours or less depending on the complexity of the job and the equipment needed.

    Do you clean the interior side of windows as well?

    We certainly can! We can clean the exterior and/or interior of your windows, depending on your preferences. When you hire us to clean your windows from the inside, we will treat your home with respect. You’ll never have to clean up after us.

    How often should I schedule your services?

    You are free to schedule our services as often as you wish. When it comes to maintaining your windows and exteriors, regular cleanings are recommended to prevent etching into the glass or grime buildup on metal exterior panels. Without proper cleaning regimens, you can end up with windows that are permanently dirty and we’ll need to take extraordinary measures to restore it or replace the glass entirely. We are happy to help you work out a regular cleaning schedule that fits your needs and budget, while maintaining the sparkle and appeal of your windows and metal exteriors. A general cleaning schedule for residences is twice a year for exterior window surfaces and annually for interior surfaces. Commercial building schedules can range anywhere from every month to every three months, depending on the building’s size and location.

    Is it true that a clean window will stay cleaner longer?

    Yes, that is actually true. A dirt-free window tends to collect far less dirt than a filthy one, which is why the cleaning solution and cleaning method are so important. National Window Cleaning relies on filtered water (in our water poles) and a green cleaning solution that removes dirt, smears, and film without harming the environment. Filtered water dries crystal clear, so you won’t see streaks as soon as the sun shines.

    Why should I hire professional window cleaners to clean my home’s windows?

    When you’ve had your carpets cleaned by professionals, you’ve likely noticed how incredibly clean they can get your flooring. The reason for this is that they use professional grade equipment that can do what small carpet cleaning machines can’t. The same is true for professional window cleaners. We have access to better equipment and solutions than homeowners. It’s our job to invest in the best, state-of-the-art equipment, training, and technology available. The cost of obtaining this high-quality equipment as a homeowner is not only prohibitive; it’s a waste of money if you don’t clean your windows several times a day every single day.

    How do you accept payment?

    We are happy to accept checks.

    Do you offer any discounts?

    We offer a 10% discount to first-time residential customers. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

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